Planning for a Pity Party

After waking up with a nasty cold and experiencing what felt like a never ending chain of unfortunate events, I decided to throw myself a pity party! First and foremost, I had to finalize the five W’s.

Who: ME!
What: Feeling-Sorry-for-Myself Fete
When: Right now
Where: Wherever I so please
Why: Because I deserve a ray of sunshine in my day

Since starting the day over is a no-go, I was forced to make the best of what October 7, 2015, had to offer. I threw open the windows, lit up my favorite pumpkin-scented candle, brewed a fresh batch of coffee with snicker doodle creamer and set my sights on a relaxing afternoon of writing, reading, and because it is my pity party, Pinterest!

Plaid, Pumpkins and Coffee for an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up



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