Quirky and Cute– Wedding & Home Inspiration

I believe it is important to take leaps of faith and to be in love with every aspect of your life.

Being back in the Heartland, I have begun to understand that I am happiest when I am being creative and kind. Currently wrapped up in wedding planning and home decorating, I have the opportunity to work with a number of people to collaborate and connect both on a personal and professional level. I have been so inspired by the people I have met, and I can’t help but rave about one person in particular. Her name is Shea McGrath, and she is the most cheerful, talented photographer; we met at a local coffee shop as strangers and left as friends. She taught me how to let your passion be your guide.

I have always enjoyed sharing my creative side whether it be in writing or through other outlets. Unfortunately, I never thought I could use my cute and quirky interests to make a living. I’ve always dreamt of being my own boss and creating a business that would inspire others. Until that time, I find myself smiling from ear to ear as I ponder and play with winsome ways to make my fiancé and I’s special day all our own. (Hint: Soft pastels, suntanned skin and sweet, sentimental touches are sure to steal the show.)

The same goes for home decorating. I become giddy paging through Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens, and when it comes to HGTV, watching one episode is never enough! Growing up and visiting the Sunshine State at least once a year, I became infatuated with the ocean and seashells. Some of my fondest memories include the sea and sand (my engagement being one of them!). Therefore, it makes sense that I am drawn to various shades of blue and classic, distressed pieces of furniture. My love of coffee mugs have also inspired the look of our new home.

I can’t wait to share some photos of our humble abode, as well as details regarding our wedding, but until then, below is a photo taken by my brother that has inspired me in both departments!

Jupiter, Florida

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