Home Sweet Home.

After obsessively scrolling through realtor.com for the past few months, Austin and I decided to take the next step toward home-ownership and get in touch with a local realtor. A college buddy of Austin’s gave us a recommendation, and last Saturday, the house hunt became official!

It has been a whirlwind of a week– constantly researching new listings and following up with viewings. Being a newly engaged couple, we originally sought out a townhome. I inquired what type of stand alone home we could get within our budget and shared my love of a front porch with our realtor. Low and behold, the following day, Tom took us to a home which quickly stole both Austin and my heart. With a beautiful front porch, hardwood floors, and unique but functional charm, we could not seem to get it off our minds.

Thank the Lord for Austin’s mathematic mind! He knows how to crunch numbers like I have never seen before. After feeling our the logistics and receiving advice from our parents, Austin and I made the leap and put an offer in. We are so excited to be sharing this journey together. Fingers crossed the inspection goes well, and we are able to begin creating memories in a home all our own!

Cheers to being first-time homeowners!
Cheers to being first-time homeowners!

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