Flipping for Fall and Stunting for Springtime

This post is all about the changing seasons and the remarkable power they have on our mood, activities and all around outlook on life. It is remarkable how our surroundings, including the temperature and time of sunrise and sunset, influence us. Why am I putting so much thought into this topic? Lately, I have been debating when Austin and I should say “I do!”, I feel pulled by both autumn and spring. Living in Houston this past year, I was disappointed I didn’t get to share a sigh of relief when the summer heat subsided or cheers with a pumpkin spice latte to sweater weather and the falling leaves.

Relocating to the South, I assumed I would be smiling from ear to ear at the year-round warmth. Instead, I realized how much I missed the anticipation of Mother Nature’s mood swings. After winter rolled on by, I longed for the time between the snow and the sun when I could go on long walks without panting and the cubes in my iced coffee wouldn’t melt instantaneously. Unfortunately, I learned autumn and spring are more of flicker in time in the Lone Star State. They last about as long as a middle school relationship.

When I reflect on the months of September through November, cool breezes, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes+RumChata come to mind. I picture myself sitting in the stands of Jack Trice, rooting for my alma mater. It feels like you just can’t beat the memories associated with the turning of summer to fall.

But then you are brutally ambushed by the snow, ice and wind brought on by winter, and you are begging for sunshine and 70 degrees. As we endure February and March, we could not pray hard enough for spring to swing on into our lives. Why do we love spring so much? Well, we get to break out our favorite pair of shorts (here is my all-time favorite pair compliments of the LOFT), enjoy some much needed vitamin D, and of course, the coffee run when our order switches from a hot to an iced soy latte.

Do me a favor, and ponder what seasonal moments speak to your soul and prompt a cute little happy dance? Now let’s get creative and figure out ways to cue the toe-tapping tunes all year long! More on this to come. 🙂


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