Say No to Lamenting and Yes to Learning Lessons

What better way to vent about my own silly mistake than through blog post? Today, I celebrated  a good friend’s birthday, and when the receipt came, what did I do? I gave it a glance, continued talking, and signed off on an amount I paid zero attention to. Can you guess where this is going?

Yep, you guessed it, they charged me twice for one of the meals. That being said, I paid an extra $9. This may seem like a small sum to you, but for me, an unemployed gal who is known for penny-pinching, this is a lot. To top it off, I noticed my mistake as soon as I have driven back to my humble abode. There was no turning back to remedy the situation.

Of course I want to be upset with the waitress, but in the end, it is my own fault. Instead of pouting, I decided to be proactive and make a list of things I can do to prevent this from happening again!

1. Stop talking when the receipt is delivered so I can dedicate my attention to the slip of paper.
2. Read the receipt as if it were the birth certificate of my first born child. Therefore, read it thoroughly.
3. Eat at home in which receipts and tipping are not an option.

Safe to say, I have learned my lesson. Hopefully, my slip-up can be put to good use and prevent you from doing the same!


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