Perfect Recipe for some R&R

Hello everyone!
The past week was spent in the Sunshine State with loved ones, and it was literally a perfect vaca. My brother has lived in the Florida for quite a few years now. He has lived in New Smyrna Beach, West Palm Beach, and is now settled in Jupiter. He knew my parents would be flying down, but he had no idea Austin and I would be surprising him.

After landing at the Orlando/Sanford airport, my parents, boyfriend, and I took off for New Smyrna Beach which is about a 45 minute ride. My all-time favorite coffee shop is located here. We ate lunch and sipped on tropical bevies at Breakers, the absolute best restaurant with outstanding views. After that, we stopped by Nichols Surf Shop & Cafe. If you are ever in the area, you must stop and savor an iced coffee here. You will not regret it!

After grabbing an iced soy chai tea latte and a new mug for my collection, we began the three hour jaunt to Jupiter. We battled some pretty epic storms along the way. When we drove up to the apartment complex, my brother was out front waiting. He asked my parents if he could snag a ride, and he reached for the door of our tinted SUV and… SURPRISE! He jumped at the sight of Austin and I with excitement in his eyes. It was so fun to be able to pull off such a stint.

After getting a brief tour, we all headed over to the elegant condo we would be staying in. We were fortunate my mom has a lovely cousin with a beachside abode readily available to us. (Thanks, Bobbi!) The next six days consisted of sunrises, beach runs, poolside lounging, and pina coladas. I felt so relaxed and genuinely happy. I was surrounded by the people who make my heart smile in paradise; what more could a girl ask for?!

Today, let’s turn up the Jimmy Buffett tunes, and make wherever we are feel like paradise! 

Sunrise shot before a beachside run.
Sunrise shot before a beachside run.
Drop-dead gorgeous view from our condo.
Drop-dead gorgeous view from our condo.
My dad and boyfriend checking out the waves in New Smyrna Beach.
My dad and boyfriend watching the waves and unwinding in New Smyrna Beach.

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