EQ Heights I Coffee & Social House

Good afternoon, and welcome back!
My friend, Sybil, introduced me to EQ or Equilibrium today. It is a coffee shop in the Heights, a character-filled neighborhood in Houston. Sybil lives in the area, and I have become obsessed with its architecture and charm. After dabbling in Houston’s coffee shop scene, it is safe to say that EQ tops them all. The shop is a very cute renovated home. I loved the baby blue and white decor and felt like I was in a scene from HGTV. One of the best parts of Equilibrium?


Glass coffee mugs! This small touch stood out to me and did not go unappreciated.

“We want EQ Heights to become a social house,” says café owner Kevin Blasini. “We plan to serve great coffee, teas and food in a welcoming atmosphere where people can connect with friends. Local residents will be able to bring their computer or their kids and relax for awhile in different areas of the café that promote socializing, dining, working or studying.”


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