Chapter: New

Hello there!
Today, I am thankful for the ability to make a change, explore my passions and start a new chapter in life. We often get stuck in a world of familiarity, one in which we merely go through the motions of “living.” I’d go as far as to say we crave comfort. As the days decrease until Austin and I move back to the Midwest, I feel torn in all sorts of directions. Part of me is sad to say goodbye to friends. I have gotten used to gathering for drinks on a Saturday night and brunch on Sunday morning. (What part of the previous sentence stood out to you? For me, it was the phrase “gotten used to.”) Another part is super pumped to return to my roots and be near family. Am I scared to find a new job, new friends (since a lot of my friends have dispersed since college), and a new normal? HELL YES, I am!

We live in a society that teaches us that being scared is a negative emotion. I think we should flip this feeling and put a positive spin on it. Fear can guide us to new beginnings. Fear can pull us out of our comfort zones. Fear can catapult our dreams to reality.

Today, let’s let our fears free and see each end as a bright new beginning.


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