Brunch for Every Bunny

Hoppy Easter!
My morning consisted of mimosas, Moscow mules, and blueberry pancakes. Some fellow Texas-transplants and I gathered to celebrate with homemade brunch fit for a king. My spunky and spirited friend, Jill, slaved over the stove making blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, egg and veggie casserole, and a palatable potato dish.

IMG_20150405_111835876 PS How cute is her denim dress?!

Austin took on the barista role and kept the french-pressed coffee coming. There are many reasons to keep my guy around, and this is definitely one of them!


Below is the beverage bar, equipped with Moscow mule and mimosa ingredients. Jill and I both thought to buy flowers for the festivity so we had blooms galore!



Diana and Mike provided delectable desserts for the occasion. Pictured above is the cutest red velvet cupcake.

And Easter brunch is not complete without a…

IMG_20150405_102534978giant bunny piñata dressed in a purple dress and hair bow!! As a unique going-away gift, Jill presented us with this humorous present from Austin, Texas.

Today, let’s be thankful for those who make us the best versions of ourselves and for the knowledge that He has risen!


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