Couples Who Run Together, Stay Together

Welcome back!
Today, my heart is full. Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with running. I find it both empowering and exhausting. That being said, when I think about completing my first half marathon at the end of May, the butterflies in my stomach start buzzing with excitement and anxiety. To ease my worries, my boyfriend (who isn’t a mega-fan of running) decided to register for the race. He wanted to provide me with encouragement and support every mile of the route. I feel confident I will finish with a smile on my face (and most likely tears in my eyes) with my guy by side.

To some, this might not seem like a generous act, but to me, it means the world. I fully believe that with love and support, we can conquer all. We can reach our highest potential and thrive both individually and collectively.

Today, let’s take time to genuinely “be there” for someone. I challenge you to be the listening ear, the encouraging voice, the warm embrace. 


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