Coffee, Kaffe, Java, Kahve- Okay You Get the Jist!

Hi, friends!
My sophomore year of college, I experimented with the caffeinated goodness best known as coffee in order to keep me alert as I jam-packed my brain with environmental science knowledge the night before an exam. Safe to say, it did the job as I was unable to sleep for a solid 48 hours! Fortunately, I learned the tricks of the trade (the trick being not to drink it before bedtime) and am now able to actually enjoy the beverage and use it as a catalyst to make my days great.

My senior year at Iowa State University, I made a bucket list of sorts which included all of the local coffee shops in the Ames area. I am proud to share that I completed my list with the help of some thirsty friends! I found happiness in seeking out new shops, sipping on their most purchased cup o’ Joe and chatting with the owners and employees.

After relocating to Houston the following July, I decided to keep this hobby going. Fun fact: I own more than 45 coffee mugs! To make the Lone Star State feel a bit more home-y, I researched coffee joints within the city and set out to visit them all one Sunday at a time. My boyfriend, Austin, has joined me in my venture. Together, we have conquered all of the local coffee shops with a website. Whenever we are driving around, and I spot a potential cafe, our errands or wherever we had been off to immediately go to the back burner. When we vacation, we also make sure to test out the local brew.

My passion for coffee and the stories behind the local shops makes me unique. It enables me to learn about my surroundings in a fun, different kind of way. Eventually, I dream of opening my own local coffee shop!

Below is a photo of me at my all-time favorite called Nichols Surf Cafe located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. NSB is a small beach town where my brother originally lived when he migrated south. This photo was taken by Austin in May 2013,  and it showcases my excitement perfectly, don’t you think?!

Nichols Surf Cafe in NSB, Florida

Want to know my #1 coffee shop recommendation in Houston? Look below to find out!

Red Dessert Dive


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