Be with the Ones You Love

My Bunch of Crazies

Hey there!
You see that dapper foursome above? Yeah, they are my favorite bunch of crazies. My brother is a Floridian, and my parents live in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. I myself am currently in the Lone Star State and moved here July 2014.

Want in on a secret? I learned early on that when I don’t get to see my family for a couple months at a time, I am one cranky girl. My family is such a integral part of me. Without them, I felt lonely even in one of the country’s most populated cities. Did I whine, complain, and grumble about how terrible my situation was? You bet, I did. But then I realized something pretty damn important; whining will only get you so far. What did I do you might ask? I made a change. My boyfriend and I had long, hard discussions about what the best solution would look like. Then it donned on us; there is no “best” solution. We needed to rely on our hearts to determine what felt right, at this exact moment, for us– not for anyone else. After many tear-filled talks (all tears coming from my end as I am an emotion-driven individual!), we came up with our solution, and the solution was to trust our instincts and return to the Midwest.

Of course we had our worries, and unfortunately, most of them stemmed from how others would view us and our move back. Would they say we were quitters? Would they call us crazy for leaving the warm weather? Would they understand the struggle of being hundreds of miles from our loved ones?

It was at this point that my Pinterest addiction, love of self-help books, and unlimited cell phone minutes really came in handy. Why in the world should be care about people criticizing our decision? It is just that– our decision. We want to spend Sunday mornings with family, feel the changing seasons come fall, support our university’s football team, and be involved with our Greek chapters (which is how we met!). Summary: we are in control of our own happiness. Life is way too freakin’ short to give that kind of power away.

Today, let’s take the opportunity to do something our future selves will appreciate.

Do Something or Stop Doing Something You Will Never Be Ready- Take the Leap Do This for You


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